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Let's get some MP games up!
2015-05-07, 09:44 AM,
RE: Let's get some MP games up!
(2015-05-05, 05:53 PM)Fru5tum Wrote: im considering making a thread to designate times in which any player "plans to be on" perhaps abled to comment or a poll or something. ill figure it out, we really need advertisement gameplay and Bluwargy is a bit inactive, and not a good test subject because he couldnt hardscope a wall. (sorry buddy) but i do want the ACR Community to grow in population, we have unique project that doesnt see as much light as it should. whatever happened to steam greenlight??

hahha lol. I think you guys have some good plans and I hope that you all succeed.
I currently have exams which means that I cannot play. But after the exams I will definitely play.
I think this community needs people, so you guys need to promote this game.

Thank you, and keep up with the good work Big Grin
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2015-05-07, 12:36 PM,
RE: Let's get some MP games up!
Promotion is a Key Requirement Right Now, I've made a Logo Animation and am modifying it in Sony Vegas, it needs alot more work but its all-in-all a significant piece to an advertisement campaign, also, @victorz I've noticed while searching for free fps games, that Assault Cube is not voluntarily a result, the search terms and description of this site need to be changed, to include key words lik "free fps", "multiplayer" "shooting" "3D" the type of stuff people look up, not your "AssaultCube Reloaded, formerly AssaultCube Special Edition, is a free-and-open-source first-person-shooter" Which is something no one will type in word for word....

God must love stupid people. He made so many.

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2015-05-08, 06:39 PM,
RE: Let's get some MP games up!
@Fru5tum, players can indicate their times when they will be on using the chat box on the index page of this forum.

I understand that we don't really have the best keywords on our homepage, so I've modified the wording a little bit. Since all first-person-shooters are 3D (or 2.5D), it originally seemed redundant to mention 3D, but for SEO, it's probably better to include it in the smaller text.

Best regards,
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